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Steen Rasmussen Discography


Primeiro Amor (2007).

The music on this album has the funky, yet sophisticated touch of brazilian pianists as Cesar Carmargo Mariano and

Joao Donato. But at the same time, Steen Rasmussen is capable of introducing his own, nordic touch to the music.

The result is a convincing blend of own compositions and brazilian standards re-arranged. With the perfect blend of

beautiful ballads and energetic brasil-jazz of various tempo, Steen Rasmussen makes the listener drift through the whole album. Received 5 stars from Boris Rabinowitsch in leading Danish newspaper “Politiken” with the headline: Excellent Brazilian release from Danish Pianist. In addition he wrote: “An excellent release that not only lets us see him as a pianist of scale and at a level that I have certainly not heard it before, but where he as the author of six of the albums in all ten numbers has created a series of melodies that any Brazilian would welcome with open arms” 4 stars from Ivan Rod in “GAFFA” with headline: “Convincing debut from a Dane with predilection for the Brazilian”

Amanhã Imorron Tomorrow (2009).

The title is a symbol of the three languages recorded on the album: Portuguese, Swedish and English. ”Our idea was to build a ’musical bridge’ between the Nordic- and the Brazilian musical universe” Steen Rasmussen explains. The group has, both live and in the studio, chosen to focus on the spontaneous. The music is being created in the present time. No one knows the day after tomorrow. As they say: "Que sera, sera" - what must happen, happens.

Significant for this album is the soft voice of Josefine Cronholm mixed with the brilliant and well guided back-up of some of Scandinavia's finest musicians Received. 5 stars in Gaffa from Ivan Rod who wrote: “Steen Rasmussens retained keystrokes and Josefine Cronholms chanting voice gives it weight and credibility. There is a thorough purity and authenticity on the album. An ease and artistic nerve that elevates it above standard performances.”

4 stars in “Politiken by Henrik Palle  who wrote: “Rasmussens piano-playing is at the same time sensitive and in possession of the deep, cool swing, it takes to match the elegant, edgy rhythms and delicats of the Bossa, and he is backed up by the other instrumentalists with elegance.

Steen Rasmussen Quarteto Em São Paulo (2011)

The album is, as the title suggests, recorded in Brazil's largest metropolis São Paolo and presents the two great Brazilian singers Marcia Lopes & Fabio Cadore, which, in this particular constellation puts your mind in the direction of major Brazil classics like Elis&Tom and Jobim's Urubu. Repertoire on this album is carefully selected in cooperation with the Spanish music producer Alfredo Lorenzo and consists of unique personal interpretations of classic Brazilian composers as Chico Buarque and Veloso Caetano, beautifully in interaction with the new generation of songwriters like Leo Minax, Fabio Cadore, and Flavio Henrique. Received 5 stars from Ivan Rod in GAFFA who wrote: “Beautiful sounding, sensual, seductive. The listener is left without a doubt: Steen Rasmussen has a unique feel for latin and adds to it with a Nordic sound, which opens up the material in the most beautiful way” 4 stars in Politiken from Christian Munch Hansen who wrote: “an emotional saturated fluidization and musical influences which will stay in you. 5 stars from JAZZSTJERNER and nominated as one of six best albums of the year 2011. “The birth of a masterpiece (Disc Union – Japan)

Steen Rasmussen Quinteto featuring Leo Minax – lo mejor de cada casa (2013)

On this album  Steen Rasmussen Quinteto once again pays attention to Brazil

The album contains 12 new songs, composed by Steen Rasmussen and Leo Minax. Three significant Brazilian songwriters, Celso Adolfo, Chico Amaral and Makely Ka beautifies the album with beautiful lyrics. Additionally, trombone player Lis Wessberg contributes with a composition. Produced by Steen Rasmussen and Jacob Andersen.
The interaction between the Brazilian saudade and the Nordic melancholy has once again been an important factor in the musical agenda. The result is a soundscape of sophisticated, jazzy Brazilian, European, South American music, performed with a Nordic "twist",- lo mejor de cada casa - the best of each house ..Received 5 stars from GAFFA with the headline “Rasmussen and Minax is a perfect match”A song from the album was the number one most played song on Danish national Radio Channel, P8-JAZZ. It was on JAZZNYTBLOGSPOT top ten list of most important Danish albums in 2013.

The album was nominated to a DANISH JAZZ GRAMMY in the Catogory “best special release”



Steen Rasmussen Quinteto feat. Paulo Braga "Presenca"

The album was released in 2015 recorded in Rio de Janeiro and featuring legendary drummer "the father of Brasilien drums" Paulo Braga.

Other guests are Joyce Moreno & Leo Minax. 

5 stars reviews all over and nominated to Danish composers price "CARL PRIZE" in 2016

The album was followed by live touring in Denmark and Spain featuring Paulo Braga in 2015 - 16

Japan version

Steen Rasmussen Quinteto "CANTA"

New album out in april 2018

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